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design & décor


...makes recycled beer tin heads, a local magga of ours in whiteriver. He takes old tins and makes the coolest "trophy" heads of animals. The Bos Ice Tea was is latest creation.


...our carver from moz is busy saving up to buy a ouse in kabakweni township. Always friendly and coming up with new designs. He carves animal heads, cactus , trees ...whatever we ask. Jacaranda is used as its declared an invasive tree so none of our precious indigenious tress are "culled".


... a 3rd generation farm labourer, self taught wire artist and veggie farmer. He makes these crazy quirky wire creations ( see pics). He also has a veggie garden that supplies madhams with some of our greens for our "famous" jungle juice. The money he gets , he is saving towards some 'wheels' of his own.


... our 'gogo' in swaziland m makes all our grass products. Floor mats in striking colours as well as placemats ....we have them at madhams om our tables. Always smiling and full of hugs.

Salt ceramics

...what can i say! We just could resist their new afro-circus range. Annacarein takes SA scenes and puts her humour on. With a passion for local is lekker. These teacups, plates, bowls are too quirky not to love.


... throws and blankets made by a groups of women in swaziland. 100% organic cottom and bamboo. This project has grown to over 40 women. Empowering them through skills training anmd fair wages.


... Sue heads up a group of women in a sewing project. Her eish bags have become a 'essential' item amonsgt the locals. We now teaching the foreign tourists what 'eish' means...we going viral on this one. Other items like aprons, coin purses and bandanas also availabe.

There are so many incrediable artistic creatures out there, we cant showcase them all....but we promise to keep u updated on facebook.

We now also offer a decorating service , with all our fabulous contacts and geniuses we have met , it was the next step. Watch this space for brag pics!

Ps. We have 100% cotton percale linen in the shop, as well as mozzi nets and ready made curtains....madcow 1 has also made a loyal friend in Lorraine , who has over 20 years experience in the curtain industry, so....inbox moi for an appointment.