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Who doesn’t love to ad’horn’ themselves with some pretty pieces, albeit it a stunning piece of jewellery, a brooch, a ring, a bangle, a piece of ribbon or anything which takes our fancy and just completes the look....

Personally, we love any opportunity to ad’horn’ourselves – bring on the bling and get the glam baby! The pieces we have chosen for MADCOWS are because they are all lovingly made and all handcrafted items...Our latest find is an amazing project in Swaziland - have a look at these bracelets made from completely recycled magazines – can you believe it?? (See top banner with some pics) How unbelievably funky are they?? And how’s about these earrings?? Who knew a page for a coke ad could be transformed into this?

Why we’re mad about this: Recycling at its best! Glamour magazine turned into a glamour bracelet!

SOYlite candles

Whoo Hoo, we’re MAD about the fact that we got the distribution rights for SOYlites in the Limpopo and Lowveld areas….because we are – yes, you guessed it – MAD, about these candles!! Oh, and the smells that come from these – moooo-tiful!! (That’s beautiful in cow language). These candles are the ORIGINAL SoyLites candles, so don’t be confused with any other knock-off’s – these are the real deal. With over 40 hours burn time, these candles are not only guaranteed to last longer than your average dinner party, but will make your entire home – or office, wherever smell divine the entire time – no synthetic scents here, only pure oils such as lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, citronella, sandalwood, orange (and the list goes on), are used. We have the original frosted tumblers as well as the smaller travel tins for those who can’t bear to leave their soy behind. Oh, and did we mention that as the candle burns, and the soy wax melts you can rub this all over your body – oooooooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaah (and no, this is not a 9 ½ weeks scenario), so not only do you smell good, you feel good. How much better can a candle get??